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Cruncher is the video transcoder Windows users have been waiting for!

We started with the #1 request: ProRes compatible files on Windows. From there, a Queue that makes sense, and a UI that’s actually built for humans to use.

Cruncher is an amalgamation of industry experience and development!

Can we have a show of hands for lightning fast import times, break neck transcoding and a subscription system that works with… not against the film and video professional industry?

Wanna try Cruncher out?

Keep scrolling for Crunchers more technical specs.

Cruncher can import 10,000 files in 1 second flat.

No asterisk, no hidden text – it’s just that fast.

Cruncher can easily combine multiple clips into one single video file – no matter the resolution, framerate codec or bitrate.

Combine huge image timelapses into one single video file with Crunchers auto media detection.

Attach up to 7.1 audio to any supported video format. Shift tracks around and even remove them completely!

Cruncher allows you to select any audio file, with any number of channels and map them to an export file.

NLE levels of flexability wrapped in a simple user interface.

Interface Design with a little TLC

Cruncher has a fully customisable UI. Arrange window elements and save layouts as presets. Lost something? You can always reset Cruncher to its default look.

Destinations for the masses!

Cruncher ships with system wide destinations for exporting. You can save destinations as presets or setup a temp destination for quick jobs. Not only can you batch apply and edit these settings, you can do it whilst transcoding!

Subscription.. But with the industry in mind

Cruncher runs without dependencies, without drivers and without the Internet for the remainder of your subscription. That’s right – despite being a subscription service, the local application will operate offline until your subscription renewal! (See FAQ for more info).

A concept of Priority(s)..

The whole Cruncher queue is ranked based on priority. High priority files Crunch before low priority files. Even as you are Crunching, you can shift file priorities around, allowing you to bump files up and down a live Queue.

Image Sequence Support

.png .jpeg .tiff .exr and even .dpx are supported in Cruncher! Import as an image sequence, and export as video! By the way, ARRIRAW and RED Digital Cinema Support is coming soon!

Did someone say.. Intermediate Codecs?

Cruncher encodes ProRes and DNxHD compatible files! Cruncher also supports encoding H.264 and H.265 in up to three different containers!

A commitment to improvement

Whether you’re out in the field, stuck in the office or chillin’ at home, Cruncher is constantly improving. We take suggestions from users very seriously. So please, drop us an email and let us know what you think.

View File Metadata

We’ve all tried to check clip metadata… why is it so hard? Cruncher can easily lookup audio and video metadata, as well as export it to a text file for later reference. No fluff, no time wasting.

Three letters T,T,T.

Its all about that Time To Transcode.

Other software? I guess you’d be happy with a minute or two of ‘thinking or importing’….

Cruncher? as quick as you can move your mouse to the ‘Crunch’ button.

(Seriously, try it!)

Cruncher can do a lot more than just Crunch your files…

Application specific features allow a quick workflow.

Checkout the tech highlights below:

Cruncher can keep your Computer awake

We’ve all had it happen. A long overnight transcode that is ruined by the computer sleeping or hibernating. Cruncher can keep windows awake while it transcodes. 

Watch Folders.. Done right!

Our watch folders allow dynamic changes – Cruncher waits for the all clear before transcoding, that means you can export to a watch folder, and auto export the export! No partially transcoded files.

Advanced Error Logging

In the event that a file transcode fails, Cruncher can place a .txt error log where the transcoded file would have been. The log is local to the destination. Users can monitor transcoding without having direct access to the computer Crunching.

Double click to duplicate items in the queue!

I think we’ve said it all in the title. For every time you need to add that additional export. A feature as profoundly simple as this is what Cruncher is all about. Oh and by the way – we pride ourselves on having zero lag or stutter when duplicating clips!

Shutdown computer when Crunching is finished

It’s simple. Cruncher can shut down your computer once it finishes the queue – don’t worry, all logs and details are saved and can be reopened next time you launch Cruncher.

Auto Crunch Queue

Cruncher can automatically start Crunching any files in the queue after a set amount of time. When used with the ‘Watch Folders’ and ‘Launch Cruncher at Startup’ features, users can setup a powerful automation tool for extended self-governing exports.

Remove completed items from Queue on Exit

By default Cruncher saves all items in the queue – that is, unless manually removed. This creates a history of jobs completed, and a history of files created. If Cruncher is dealing with huge amounts of files, (exactly what it’s built for) it can auto clear the queue when closed.

Auto Crunch only Watch Folders

Where Cruncher comes into its own, is its granular tweakability. If your workflow calls for Cruncher taking its ‘auto crunch’ queue from files being added to Watch Folders, we’ve got you covered! Daisy-chaining powerful features like this allows for high level automation of your workflow.

Requirements and Notes.

Cruncher is ever evolving and improving. Check back here for the most up to date information.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 7 with Service Pack 1 (64 bit) or higher
  • Intel® or AMD® multicore 64bit processor
  • 4GB of ram recommended
  • 512mb of available hard-disk space for installation
  • 1.5GB of additional disk space recommended for cache files
  • Internet connection and subscription are required for software activation, validation of licences and access to Cruncher
  • Once Cruncher is activated it can operate offline for the remainder of the subscription plus an additional seven day overlap

When we say minimum specs, we mean absolute minimum… you might want to think of upgrading your system if you intend to use Cruncher long term.

Standardised Features

Some things we’ve come to just expect when handling media. Cruncher covers all the common bases video professionals call for.

  • Video Rescaling/Resizing – Individually or batch apply resolution changes to clips or reset all to default
  • Ability to constrain a source file aspect ratio when using a custom resolution
  • Framerate Modification – Pick from common framerates or enter a custom framerate. Ability to batch apply settings
  • Audio Pass through on Transcoding – Pass through audio to supported containers/formats
  • Image Sequence Framerate Modification – Pick from common framerates when converting image sequences to video
  • Attach an audio file to Image Sequences – As simple as that!
  • LUTs – Cruncher can import and apply 3D luts to your footage!
  • Join multiple clips – This includes joining image sequences as well as video.. in any combination!

Please note: The below supported video filetypes also include containers (such as .mkv). These containers may accommodate different video and audio streams. These streams may or may not be compatible with Cruncher.

Supported Filetypes










.vob (Support for trasncoding old DVD’s for archive)


.wmv (Windows Media Video)






.mxf (Including XDCAM, XAVC, DNxHD, DNxHR)


Supported Filetypes Cont.


Image Sequence:















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